KAIST 새내기행정팀 :: 새내기의 꿈, 여러분과 함께 하고 싶습니다.
새내기 지도
(Group Guidance)
지도그룹 역할
Rules and responsibilities by guidance group

지도 교수 즐거운(신나는) 대학생활”과목을 담당하며, 반 학생들의 지도교수가 되어 학업, 진로, 생활 등 전반적인 지도를 한다.
Academic advisors will be responsible for the “Happy(Exciting) College Life course and, with the help of resident advisors and proctors, provide students they are in charge of with course registration guidance and consultation on difficulties and career choice whenever necessary. They will also leadt voluntary group activities by students in the class.

지도 교수 지도교수의 업무를 보조하며, 새내기 프로그램 활동을 지원하고 반 학생과 같은 기숙사에 상주하며 밀착 지원한다.
As exemplary college seniors, proctors will stay in the dormitory areas for freshmen to help with and guide academic work and school life. They will be carefully selected and managed to make sure that freshmen will feel free to contact them anytime and regarding any topics, and turn to them just like their brothers and sisters as opposed to austere seniors.

지도 교수 조교 및 지도선배, 반장, 부반장 등을 통하여 해당 반 학생들 중 애로사항이 있는 새내기를 면담하고 조치한다.
또한 새내기 사후관리 관점에서 차기 입시 정책에 반영할 내용 발굴에 노력한다.
Resident advisors are comprised of admission officers that selected the freshmen. They will provide consultation on school life, extracurricular activities, difficulties, and career choices of students. If more specialized consultation is needed, they will refer the students to specialized consultation firms and the KAIST Clinic and contact them by text message or phone or in person to offer customized service. Through post-selection monitoring, they will guide freshmen to successful school life.